7 Secret Sights in New York That Will Leave You Astonished ...

One of the greatest things that I love about living in Brooklyn is discovering secret sights in New York. This city has a lot of history embedded into its culture, offering an expansive amount of attractions that are visited by tourists and locals alike. When I first heard about a few of these places, I found myself intrigued as I was never one to resist mysteries. From abandoned stations to underground bowling alleys, you will be amazed at just how many secret sights in New York are not actually hidden at all.

1. City Hall Station

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The first point on this list of secret sights in New York is now general knowledge amongst locals. The intricate design featured in this cathedral-like station is absolutely stunning. After being closed in 1945, it was initially supposed to be re-opened as a museum; this explains the preservation of this beautiful subway station. The best way to catch a glimpse of this is to stay on the 6 train after its final stop at Brooklyn Bridge (although MTA workers usually check to ensure that no one is left on the train). I have also heard that official tours are offered.

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