7 Seas to See on Your Travels ...

With more than 70 per cent of the Earth being water, there are plenty of seas to see on your travels. Most of us go on a seaside holiday, enjoy the beach and swimming in the water, but do we really even think about the sea that is a source of fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Next time you take a trip, take a little more notice of the seas to see on your travels.

1. The Mediterranean Sea

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The ancient Romans branded this turquoise sea with its name, which is derived from the Latin word, mediterraneus, meaning β€œmiddle of the Earth”. Like most waterways, the Mediterranean was a port of trade, and the background for numerous battles between those conquering new territories and defending existing ones. The Mediterranean Sea, almost entirely encompassed by land, was the center of life for the Roman civilization, playing an extraordinary role in their culture, as well as countless other ancient cultures throughout history. As Hegel, the German philosopher, said, β€œFor the three quarters of the globe, the Mediterranean Sea is similarly the uniting element and the center of World History.” This sea’s history, as well as its translucent aqua green beauty, makes it number one on my list of seas to see.

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