Safety Tips for Watching the Solar Eclipse ...


Safety Tips for Watching the Solar Eclipse ...
Safety Tips for Watching the Solar Eclipse ...

August 21st is quickly approaching and it's important to be armed with the best safety tips for watching the solar eclipse. Whether you are situated along the path of the total eclipse or hoping to catch a brief glimpse, there there are some things that you're going to want. So if you're wondering how to view the solar eclipse safely, look no further. These six items are what you can consider getting.

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Be sure to have a dependable set of eclipse glasses so that you may view the rare event. In fact, when it comes to how to watch the solar eclipse safely, this is the most important thing to have. NASA lists reputable vendors on their website so you can safely select the right pair. Be sure to be wise and cautious when looking directly into the eclipse.



No, you don't need a solar filter on your iPhone.
According to a USA Today article, you may not need a special solar filter on your smartphone or GoPro camera to capture the eclipse. The reason behind it, as quoted in the article, is because the shot will capture the whole scene at a wide angle and should not be able to damage the lens.

However, you may want to double check with your smartphone or digital camera manufacturer to make sure it is safe and no other steps are required in order to capture the image.



Since you may possibly be camping out for the event, don't forget to pack a device charger - whether a solar powered one or a car charger - to have on hand to keep your devices running. You wouldn't want to miss capturing the event because of low battery!



While out watching for the eclipse, a little comfort may go a long way! Do remember a sturdy and lightweight camping chair that is easy to carry and comfortable to relax in. It'll make waiting for the exact moment a little easier compared to sitting it out on the grass or standing up for long periods of time.



Being outdoors for some extended time leaves you open to insect bites. The best way to avoid getting bitten is to have your bug and insect repellent handy. Effective brands can last anywhere from 6 to 10 hours and come in convenient portable sizes. This is the best way to keep the mosquitoes and other insects from biting you.

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Finally, if you have fully committed to seeing the total or partial eclipse in your area, a pair of solar viewing binoculars will complete your list, giving you a better and safer look at this momentous event. A pair of quality and reliable binoculars will give you a good chance to catch the eclipse even better!

And remember, all is not lost if you don't plan to attend any official eclipse viewings. There are several options for you to catch a glimpse from your phone or computer with a list of apps and websites hosting live events. Either way, be sure to tune into a rare and unique event this summer, whether in the comfort of your home or office or in the middle of a campground or national park.

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