7 Romantic Mediterranean Getaway Ideas ...

If you are looking for some romantic getaway ideas, check out guest contributor Emily Green's lovely list of places to visit in the Mediterranean!

For couples who are looking to reignite their romance and refresh their outlook on life, the Mediterranean is calling. No matter what time of year you're aiming for, this corner of the world is absolutely teeming with cultural diversity and historical relevance. Beyond that, there's just a quality you can feel in the air when you visit. It makes you want to hug your loved ones closer, and experience things you'd never be able to do back home. Here are some great ideas for a romantic getaway near the Mediterranean Sea.

1. Enter the Surreal World of Barcelona, Spain

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If the idea of a romantic getaway to Barcelona seems a bit surreal, it's certainly fitting. The king of surrealism himself, Salvador Dali, spent time here, and many of the city's buildings were designed by spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, who also specialized in surrealism and art nouveau. It's believed that experiencing new and foreign things together strengthens a couple's bond. Embrace that concept by diving into all that Barcelona has to offer.

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