7 Revolutionary Road Trips You Should Take in Your Lifetime ...

There are road trips and then there are revolutionary road trips. These are the ones that are more than epic. They take you through some of the world’s most incredible scenery and every mile leaves a lasting impression. Ready to pack up the car and have the adventure of a lifetime? Here’s some revolutionary road trips for your consideration.

1. The Alcan Highway, Canada to Alaska

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At 2,167 kilometers long and taking approximately one day and seven hours nonstop, the Alcan Highway in Canada and Alaska is one of the world’s most incredible revolutionary road trips and the longest road to make my list. This long haul through the striking North American wilderness in winter is not for the pampered city-slicker; the route requires snow chains, a thick winter coat, and preferably some supplies in case you end up stuck in five feet of snow. No such problem in summer, but whatever the season, the wildlife sightings, stunning lakes and hot springs, and the many hiking detours along the way make the Alcan Highway well worth the trip.

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