7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in China ...

I live in Guangzhou, China โ€“ the countryโ€™s third largest city after Beijing and Shanghai โ€“ and that got me into sharing my thoughts on why you should consider living in China. I am not Chinese; I'm here because my husband works here, but I've lived in China before, making it easier for me to adjust to the culture and daily life. The Middle Kingdom is a fascinating country of more than one billion people that leaves you with several reasons why you should consider living in China.

1. Affordable Goods (Especially Vegetables!)

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The ability to stretch your hard-earned cash is my top consideration and the best reason why you should consider living in China. As a foreign student in Shanghai five years ago, I was able to make my scholarship money go a long way by shopping and cooking my own food. Visiting the local market and befriending the vendors were part of my weekly routine. At present, I still go to the market where we buy our fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains and meat. Prices are lower than what you can see in big supermarkets.

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