7 Reasons Why Staycations Rock and Why You Should Try It ...

Shannon Pete

7 Reasons Why Staycations Rock and Why You Should Try It ...

Have you ever wondered why people do staycations or why staycations rock? Do you flip through a travel magazine or the travel section of your local Sunday newspaper and note the clothes, locations, or food? I did, too. If you are like me then you’ve wondered why push advertisement for vacation deals to an in-state reading audience. I wondered what the big deal was…until I tried it! Below are seven reasons why staycations rock and why you should try it!

1 Save Money

Vacations are a wonderful way to escape from the daily routine. If you dream of checking out from an intense week of work or studying but dread the wallet-busting travel expenses that come with vacations then a staycation is the answer! Staycations can help you avoid plane tickets and admissions fees and cut down on hotel and food expenses. Saving money while enjoying new locations is one of the main reasons why staycations rock!

2 New Places Are like Little Treasures

Have you visited any of the main tourist attractions in your state? If so then you know that the opportunity to unveil a little more history and interesting locations hiding in plain site. I lived in the southwest for about six years before visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time! Can you believe that? Lame, I know. But, hey, I got to it and loved it. It was like opening a wonderful little (figuratively) present.

3 Old Places Become New, Again

Traveling throughout your state may seem old hat if you are used to long commutes. You can use your staycation as an opportunity to become a tourist; checking out old spots with new eyes. If you normally travel through a scenic area during your morning commute then try checking out the same place at night, over a nice long weekend. You may encounter an art walk at night or weekend food festival.

4 Learn to Love Your State

One of the best reasons to try a staycation is that helps to get to know and love your state! Whether you are new to the area or have lived there for many years, like me, a staycation can introduce you to the history and dynamics of your state. It’s easy for me to get used to seeing the same things so much that I ignore them. A little bit of research and planning for your staycation can help you learn new ways and new reasons to love your state.

5 Familiarize Yourself, Think: Guests!

Living in the southwest draws lots of attention. My family and friends see the stylized versions of this area and always want to know my feelings about my new home state. And they inevitably want to visit! Indulging yourself in a staycation is a great way to build a mental inventory of good places to visit, eat, and enjoy when your guests come to town.

6 Support a Local Economy

On a drive through my state there are many small towns and communities where I can stop to take in the view and snap a few photos. There are also many opportunities to enjoy a meal at small mom-and-pop style restaurants. Usually, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Whether I stop for a few hours to have a meal or settle in to a bed and breakfast, it feels great to help support the local economy.

7 Home is Not Far Away

I’m almost always the last person in the car. This doesn’t always work if I’m trying to get to the airport. But it’s not a huge deal if I staycay. Staycations can allow you to be more flexibility with your travel times. You can take your time and enjoy the journey and make it part of the staycation, not just the vehicle to get there.

Staycations are a wonderful new way to getaway and relax. Whether your staycation takes you on a journey around town or out to the corners of your state plan well and enjoy! Do you have a staycation experience or reason why staycations rock? Please, share!