7 Reasons Why Cruises Are Attractive for Families ...


In recent years, cruising has moved away from being the domain of retirees and single women on the prowl for a husband, but you may ask why cruises are attractive for families. Cruises are a fabulous family vacation and there’s been a symbiotic development of cruise companies catering better to families and families booking more cruises than ever previously. It used to be a struggle to find cruise ships that were kid-friendly but now there are so many great options. Here’s why cruises are attractive for families.

1. Megaships

Most cruise line operators regularly overhaul their fleet and every ship is bigger and better. Modern cruise ships are more like floating cities. Everything you can imagine is on board. One of the reasons why cruises are attractive for families is that ships are more than floating resorts. They have amenities and entertainments galore, and all in one place, so no travelling. Ships have fun things like water parks, climbing walls, bumper cars, rope courses, huge pools, bowling alleys, mini golf, casinos, movie theaters la di da….

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