8 Reasons to Visit Thailand ...

Thailand is truly an amazing place and there's probably never a better time to visit than right now; in fact, there are many reasons to visit Thailand. Don't be put off by some of the troubles highlighted on the news recently. The problems stem from Thai people wanting a new election and have nothing to do with visitors and tourists. Soon there will be a new election in Thailand and everything should settle down. But currently there are some great deals on flights and accommodation to be had as a result of less people travelling to see this wonderful country. Here are just 8 reasons to visit Thailand.

1. Food

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Thailand has some of the best food anywhere in the world. Thai restaurants in western cities are a pale reflection of the wonderfully aromatic and spicy food available throughout Thailand. The other major plus is that it's so cheap to eat. What you pay $50 for at a very good Thai restaurant in America, you can get in Thailand for about $3 or $4. Plus it tastes better and you're getting the real Thai food and not a western reflection of it. Thai food is fresh as can be, often spicy and there are so many dishes to try. Yes you'll find Pad Thai and some other well known dishes that we all know about, but there are a myriad of other dishes including curries, soups and salads that are bursting with rich flavour and ingredients picked fresh that day.

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