7 Reasons to Visit Gold Coast in Australia ...

I can think of plenty of reasons to visit Gold Coast – can you? Probably not, if you’re not very familiar with the Land Down Under. Gold Coast may sound like a region but it is actually a city (the sixth largest in Australia) in the Sunshine State, Queensland, on the country’s east coast. Just knowing its superb location should bring to mind reasons to visit Gold Coast and here are some of them.

1. Surfing at Burleigh Heads Beach

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Cresting a surf break that most other coasts cannot hope to match is still one of the best reasons to visit Gold Coast for water babies of all nationalities. Burleigh Heads is nonetheless a surprisingly tranquil beach, offering seafront bars and restaurants that aren't crowded and an expanse of sandy beach that seems to go on forever, simply begging for sun-hungry visitors to drop their towel and doze off for a while. Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen before you do! The rule in Oz is Slip! Slop! Slap! If you get bored, head to James Street, a village type high street with plenty of independent shops, hairdressers, cafes and street artists who come to perform on a Sunday afternoon.

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