8 Reasons to Visit Brazil at Least Once in Your Lifetime ...

Recently catapulted to being a number one holiday destination thanks to the upcoming 2014 Soccer World Cup, here are 8 reasons to visit Brazil at least once in your lifetime, other than to watch the games. Brazil is famous for its unique eco-system, endless beaches and rare animal wildlife, yet it also has world class cities, food and fun. If you were on the ledge about whether to book your once in a lifetime adventure, grab your sunshades and bikini as my 8 reasons to visit Brazil will tip you off the edge.

1. Fernando De Noronha

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Crystal clear waters, huge turtles and secluded beaches - the Island of Fernando de Noronha is a hidden tropical paradise. The island is a secret among Brazilian locals and off the beaten tourist track, so you will need to get an aeroplane to the island and then pay an environmental tax, but this is a once in a lifetime location is at the very top of my reasons to visit Brazil. Whilst on the island you can learn to scuba dive, but you won’t need to dip your toes too far into the water to be surrounded by huge sting-rays, turtles and Nemo fish. After a day on the beach, take your sun kissed body to a local eatery and they will serve you steaming garlic prawns as you watch the sun set over the beautiful bays.

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