7 Reasons to Visit Bhutan ...

Why would you need reasons to visit Bhutan? You’ve probably never even heard of it – right? Well, listen up because there are really are some excellent reasons to visit Bhutan. This tiny Himalayan kingdom is purported to be the closest you’ll get to Shangri-La on Earth. Known as The Land of the Thunder Dragon, it is one of the most eco-friendly tourist destinations and deeply seated in Buddhist culture. It is a land of surprises, such as it being illegal to even buy cigarettes, let alone smoke them. The fact that Bhutan is enigmatic, charming and magnificent are just the basic reasons to visit Bhutan.

1. Buddhism & Gross National Happiness

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Buddhism is the Bhutanese guidebook to life, and it is directly related to Bhutan’s high Gross National Happiness index. A shining example of the way a deeply ingrained Buddhist society functions, Bhutan is a peaceful, meditative and tranquil place, where it’s quite ordinary for men and women to pray with a string of beads in public. One of the quaintest reasons to visit Bhutan is that the quality of life is not measured by material possessions or caste systems; instead GNH is laid down upon a measuring stick of Buddhist values, which are based largely on mental well being and spirituality, something which every person, rich or poor, young or old, male or female can strive for, making happiness in Bhutan a much more obtainable goal.

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