7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii ...


Reasons to vacation in Hawaii are not hard to find. It’s easy to think that Hawaii is a cliché, the epitome of the picture postcard paradise but it is so much more. The reasons to vacation in Hawaii extend across the island group, its scenery, its people and its culture. You can fill a vacation in Hawaii with activities to make the blood rush or you can simply relax and enjoy the weather. Whatever floats your boat here are my 7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii:

1. Surf’s up

Yep! It’ s always surf time in Hawaii. No-one should surely take a vacation in Hawaii without having at least one go on a surfboard. If you’re a first-timer or novice surfer there are plenty of surf spots for beginners and a ton of surf schools only happy to get you standing on that board. Learning on one of island state’s fabulous beaches is a good incentive and certainly one of the most popular reasons to take a vacation in Hawaii.

Take a Hike
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