10 Great 👏 Reasons to Take Your Kids 👧👦 to a National Park 🌲 This Summer ☀️ ...


There are loads of reasons to take your kids to a national park. Disney World? Check. Disney Land? Check. Universal Studios. Check. Knotts Berry Farm? Check. Busch Gardens? Check. Six Flags? Check. You’ve basically done the amusement parks and you’re looking for something new. Perhaps, you went to Disney World a few years ago and really don’t care to relive waiting in two hour long lines in 97 degree heat, or you went when the kids had February break and kept running into people you knew from back home. It didn’t feel like a vacation, and you really wanted to get away. Instead, it ended up your teenage son hanging out at the pool with the girl he has a crush on from school who also happened to go to Florida for break. While there’s nothing wrong with amusement parks, and they can be a ton of fun, provided the weather is nice and you’re up for it, why not give your children, and yourself, a more meaningful summer vacation this year? Here are ten reasons to take your kids to a national park.

1. See Animals in Their Natural Habitat

Even your reluctant “I really don’t care” sixteen year old will have a smile on her face as she sees animals living their lives in their own natural habitats. To see them on TV is one thing, but to see them in real life is another. You’ll all see how they act differently than when they are in zoos. You never know when you’ll have to brake and wait in the middle of the road because a donkey is nursing her baby. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day and one of the top reasons to take your kids to a national park.

A New Environment Awakens the Senses
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