5 Fab πŸ‘Œ Reasons to Take Your Adult 'Spring' 🌸 Break πŸ“† in February πŸ‘ ...


Wondering about the reasons to take a spring break in February? You’ve graduated college and you’ve found yourself in the real world. Sitting at a desk all day is eerily familiar to the approximately 17 years that you spent inside the walls of a classroom. Getting out of the classroom can mean monotonous days with no engraved spring breaks in sight. You are young and deserve to see the world so take your life back and use those days off. Here are the best reasons to take a spring break in February.

1. Flights

The inevitable...β€œI want to travel the world, but I have no way to afford it”. February is a calm time in travel for many reasons and therefore the flight prices for February vacations are cheap! Also, booking close to the date can provide crazy low deals when using apps like Hopper or Kayak. For example, fly to Iceland from Los Angeles for a week for only $317, to Puerto Rico from Chicago for $272, or to Barcelona from New York City for $420. Take a look at these apps and fly to your dream destination in just a couple of weeks! Saving on a flight is one of the best reasons to take a spring break in February.

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