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Top Reasons Why You Should Take a Culinary Vacation to Italy ...

By Natalie

Looking for your next vacation spot? Trying to make the best of your travels? There are so many reasons to take a culinary holiday to Italy.

Want to experience the country’s culture as a local, not as a tourist? Here are the top reasons to take a culinary holiday to Italy.

1 It’s All-inclusive

With A Toast to Travel, once you are with the group and your hosts, you will enjoy living like a local and having things taken care of for you.

2 The Experiences Are Fully Vetted and Curated

Your hosts have fully vetted and curated all that’s offered on an experience with A Toast to Travel and all the details are taken care of for you.


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3 Learn How to Live like a Local

Your hosts lived like a local in Italy and you will too! All the guided tours are done by locals. All the restaurants, wineries, and experiences allow you interact with locals and the local culture so you can gain a new perspective of the world.

4 Visit Local Markets

Shopping like a local for the freshest ingredients makes for authentic Tuscan recipes. Stop and smell the tomatoes!

5 Secret Recipes

Hands-on cooking with a local chef, you’ll learn insider cooking secrets and recipes to take home with you. You’ll also learn how to make authentic Italian pizza like a pro!

6 Truffle Hunting

Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to go truffle hunting in Tuscany with a Lagotto Romagnolo.

7 Cooking with Your Fresh Truffles

Cooking classes are guided by a resident chef in Tuscany. Create your own fresh pasta with the fresh truffles you found on the truffle hunt.

8 Unlimited Wine

You will drink unlimited wine with all your meals when you’re with A Toast to Travel. You will also visit historic wineries in Chianti and learn about the best food pairings with the exclusive wine selections.

9 Meet New People

Through culinary experiences offered by A Toast to Travel, you will meet like-minded people who come from many different backgrounds. Whether it’s the locals or other guests - plan to make lifelong friends!

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