7 Reasons to Re-up Your Summer Bucket List ...


7 Reasons to Re-up Your Summer Bucket List ...
7 Reasons to Re-up Your Summer Bucket List ...

Did summer fly by and take your summer bucket list with it? Yes? Mine, too! The days were so busy that I never really got around to many of the things on my list. So forget about tackling everything. But, fear not; there is no need to toss out that list. Below are seven reasons I choose to re-up my summer bucket list and why you should, too.

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Fun Stuff Forgotten

Fun Stuff Forgotten There we’re about 50 items on my summer bucket list. Lots, I know, but they seemed so fabulous and exciting that I could not help myself. That was May. It is now September and there are about forty items left to do. Yikes! I mean who doesn’t want ice cream for dinner? Somehow I had forgotten about that one and many others like it, such as backyard movie night and learn to play poker to name a couple. If you’re like me there are many fun things on your list that just got lost in the daily grind. Now that we’re talking (er, writing) about them they are no longer lost.


Summer Memories, Relived

One of the most fun things I did this summer was item number seven: wear a fake mustache for 24 hours. That day was a great adventure. It created one of the best birthday memories for my daughter, ever. It also allowed me the chance to be silly non-stop for an entire 24 hour period with my loved ones. Perhaps there are items on your summer bucket list that are just plain worthy of a repeat because it gives you a chance to relive wonderful memories connected with them.


Some Things Extend beyond Summer

I like to watch tennis and volleyball. These games are bound to certain times of year and certain time frames. This summer I decided I was going to learn the rules first hand and play some sand volleyball. Learning to play a sport properly, or any other skill come to that, takes time and should not be bound to time and space limitations. So why not take that crash course lesson on the "rules of the game" and extend into the rest of the year for as long as it takes to get the job done right!


Worth a do-over

Have you ever tried to cook anything from a French cookbook? And failed? Yes, maybe? Well the two recipes on my summer bucket list just did not pan out as well as I hoped. That is why we have do-overs! If an item on your summer bucket list just didn’t work out to your expectations the first time then try again. You just may end up with better results.


Too Many Items, Not Enough Time

Did I mention that my summer bucket list was 50 items deep? Yeah, it is pretty ambitious for even me, an Aries. Aside from the sheer number of things on my list the variety of those items was nearly impossible to get through before summer ends. After prioritizing a little, I still managed to leave out quite a bit. This fall as I re-up my summer bucket list it might be a good idea to consolidate the list. A little.


More Appropriate in the Fall

More Appropriate in the Fall Have you ever wanted to camp out in your backyard? I do. Camping out in my backyard over summer break sounds like a pretty fun, easy, and simple staycation idea. Chillin in your backyard with a kitchen and bathroom within a short distance is a wonderful convenience. It all sounds great, unless you live in the "valley of the sun" where overnight temps hover around one hundred degrees. Some summer bucket list items are more seasonally appropriate for other times of the year.


Some Are Just Worth a Repeat

Some Are Just Worth a Repeat Creating a bucket list helps me to take notice of some fun things I just don’t do enough or at all. This is the reason I make a bucket list each summer and why you should, too. Perhaps you made a list and had a grand time creating memories or perhaps there were a few items you just thoroughly enjoyed doing and want to try again. No sentimental attachment. No love lost or errors made. Just an interesting and fun item you want to do again, alone.

Although time flew by and summer is nearly over, that doesn’t mean that the summer bucket list has to end. Take another look at that bucket list if you have one. I’m sure you will find a number of items to re-up for the fall. Do you have a summer bucket list? What items did you list? Please, share!

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