Fabulous Reasons to Love the Italian Lifestyle ...

By Natalie

Fabulous  Reasons to Love  the Italian  Lifestyle ...

There are so many reasons to love the Italian lifestyle! It’s hard to argue with the way they live in Italy. People love to dream about a life living in Italy and there are plenty of explanations for that. Here are the best reasons to love the Italian lifestyle.

Table of contents:

  1. the locals
  2. simple things for the pleasure
  3. food
  4. live life to the fullest
  5. beautiful architecture and history
  6. fashion

1 The Locals

Nothing beats the generosity of the Italian locals and they are one of the top reasons to love the Italian lifestyle. You will learn that making connections and creating nurturing friendships is easy and healthy. Learn how to live like a local with A Toast to Travel and meet wonderful people who you will cherish for a lifetime.

2 Simple Things for the Pleasure

Enjoy a café in the middle of the afternoon and catch up with friends while people watching. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life, one sip at a time.

3 Food

Everything that you will eat tastes gourmet in Italy. With all natural ingredients, each dish tastes better than the other. Even a simple dish like fettuccine alfredo tastes like it was made in a 5-star restaurant.

4 Live Life to the Fullest

Don’t worry about every little thing. Do something you enjoy each day and make positive changes in your lifestyle. Take it easy like the Italians do and stop and smell the tomatoes!

5 Beautiful Architecture and History

Nothing can compare to being surrounded by some of the most beautiful architectures in the world. From the age-old Florence cathedrals to Basilica of San Lorenzo, you will marvel at the birthplace of the Renaissance.

6 Fashion

Italians are known for style! Even if your finances don’t permit two closets full of clothes, you can choose quality over quantity. Beautifully tailored jackets, a silk scarf, a nicely tailored skirt or a pair of pants are essentials in an Italian wardrobe. Italians take pride in their fashion - not too overdone but definitely full of great taste. Purchase quality clothes that will last for years, not weeks.

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