9 Reasons the Cook Islands Are a South Pacific Paradise ...

Itโ€™s stretching poetic license to say that every tropical island is a paradise. In a search for superlatives, the description of a place being paradise should be reserved for a select few. Iโ€™m going to let you in on the reasons why the Cook Islands ARE a South Pacific Paradise.

1. The Cross Island Walk

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The beauty of the Cook Islands is simply magical. One great way to explore this South Pacific paradise is to take the Cross Island Walk (also referred to ta the Needle walk), which takes about 4 hours. The trail takes you deep into Rarotongaโ€™s lush scenery. It starts on the northern coast and leads you through the rich greenery all the way up to the pinnacle rock at the center of the island, called Te Rua Manga. From there you can take in some fantastic and far-reaching views. Then, the trail takes you back though the forest, with several scenic stops along the way. End your hike at Wigmore Falls, which are particularly beautiful after a heavy rain.

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