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3 Reasons Why Emotional Support Animals Should Not Be Allowed on Planes ...

By Candice

There are several reasons emotional support animals should not be allowed on planes. These days, more and more people are allowed to bring their pets onto planes as support animals. They have various reasons stemming from panic attacks to epilepsy. But, there are always those people that will try and cheat the system just to bring their beloved pets with them and save money on their flights. The issue of support animals is booming. Some are in favor of these animals on the plane, but others are not to fond of the idea. Why is having support animals on a plane a bad idea? Here are three solid reasons emotional support animals should not be allowed on planes.

1 Allergies

One argument against support animals is allergies of a fellow passenger. One person can have a deadly allergy to dogs or cats. The airline does not want to be held responsible if a passenger has an allergic reaction or dies because they came in contact with the support animal in question. Their top priority is to make sure all of the passengers have a safe and comfortable flight. Support animals might not be a good idea for people with potentially fatal allergies and that's one of the main reasons emotional support animals should not be allowed on planes.

2 Animal Behavior

Another argument is how the animal will behave. Some people are not good at training their pets. They just let them run around and do whatever they want around the home. People already are not fans of small children crying and running around on the plane. It would be much worse if there is a dog or cat running around on the plane. Plus, it would be a pain for the flight attendants to clean up after animals who are not housebroken.


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3 Type of Animal

The final argument is the type of animal that is claimed to be a support animal. Recently in the news, a woman was turned away because she tried to pass off a peacock as a support animal. The airline had to look into what their guidelines will allow in the near future. This proves that people will try and abuse the system and bring all sorts of animals onto the plane. If a woman could try and get a peacock on board, who is to say that someone won’t try and bring on a potentially dangerous animal?

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