7 Reasons Alaska Makes the Perfect Late Summer Vacation ...


If you’re leaving your vacation until September or even October, let me share with you some really excellent reasons to visit Alaska in late summer. The “shoulder season” is a wonderful time. Mother Nature is closing down for summer and getting ready to set out her stall for fall – as if she hasn’t already bestowed enough beauty on the 49th State! So, if you’re still erming and ahhing over where you are heading, read on to be convinced of the reasons to visit Alaska in late summer.

1. Beat the Crowds

Alaska is a popular tourist destination and over a million visitors head to this American State every year. The majority of these tourists visit the area in the months of June, July and August. One of the reasons to visit Alaska in late summer is that you can beat the crowds at all the tourist hotspots. You’ll have a greater range of choices for finding the best accommodation and your hiking trips will involve lesser photo spoilers because of fewer tourists, allowing you to get as close to nature as you can possibly get.

Reduced Costs
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