7 Quirky and Odd Destinations for UK Day Trips ...

If you are coming to the little island I call home (well more than one island if truth be told) then you might be interested in some terrific UK day trips. You could spend your time in my homeland enjoying the magnificent sights of London and touring the glorious green countryside, but if you want to get under the skin of what makes us Brits British, there are some quirky and odd destinations that will either have you scratching your chin or shaking your head – either way, these UK day trips are sure to raise a smile.

1. Cheese Rolling, Gloucester

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This is one of the more bizarre UK day trips, but a hell of a laugh. Held on a steep grassy hill in Gloucestershire, a wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill, shortly followed by a bundle of people chasing after it. Have you ever tried to run that fast downhill? Needless to say feet don’t stay on the ground for long and people end up doing cartwheels, back flips, and all sorts to catch the cheese. It’s quite a sight, especially as lots of people go all out and wear fancy dress. On a warm sunny day in May, this is the place to crack open a can or bottle, sit back and enjoy.

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