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Genius Tips for Packing a Travel Makeup Bag Superfast ...

By Teresa

Packing a travel makeup bag can be stressful, especially if you’re like me and leave packing to the last minute. I’m trying to get better about packing, and as a result, have picked up a few tips when it comes to packing a travel makeup bag! These days, I can assemble a travel makeup bag in a few minutes with the help of these quick tips!

1 Go through Your Routine

When you first attempt packing a travel makeup bag, go through your daily makeup routine. Pack what you use on a daily basis. Don’t pack the blue eyeshadow you occasionally wear on a night-out, or even the new lipstick you’ve been meaning to try out. To start out, just pack the essentials. It may seem slightly obvious, but when you get to packing, who knows what you could end up packing in your travel makeup bag!

2 Start Fresh

Rather than try to remove things from your regular makeup bag, start with a whole new, empty makeup bag, preferably one that is smaller than your usual makeup bag. Transporting your makeup from your usual makeup bag into a new, smaller bag will help you condense and pick what’s important for your trip!

3 Look for Minis

Most makeup brands offer miniature travel products of some sort. Check out your drugstore, or even the grocery store. Most drugstores and grocery stores now offer entire aisles dedicated to travel-sized products! In fact, you may even be able to score a few of your favorite products as free samples, if you’re really willing to search hard enough!

4 Condense

If you simply can’t find travel-sized makeup products, or simply samples that you could bring, take matters into your own hands! Check out your grocery store for travel-sized containers to transfer some of your favorite makeup products. You could even try a popular Pinterest hack: transfer your favorite makeup products into clean contact lens cases!

5 Think Ahead

Plan your travel day in advance. Will you be checking a bag or carrying one on? If you’re carrying a bag on, keep that in mind when you’re packing your travel makeup bag. You don’t want to get stuck throwing out your favorite (expensive) makeup because it doesn’t meet the qualifications at TSA!

6 Simplify

If you’re really looking to condense your usual makeup load on your next trip, you need to simplify. Find products that you love that can do three things in one, rather than packing three separate products! You could even try simplifying your makeup routine, by removing products that you don’t think are as necessary as others! Whether you decide to ditch your moisturizer or primer on your trip, or simply switch to a BB cream that does it all, this tip will save you so much room when packing!

7 Stick to Your Favorites

Don’t pick your next trip as the time to try out new makeup products. New makeup products can be bulky, especially if you don’t like the products and are then stuck traveling with them. They’ll just take up space if you don’t like them. Know which products are your favorites and stick to those, at least for the remainder of your trip!

What are you travel makeup bag tips? I’m looking for tips for my next trip, so let me know what you do in the comments!

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