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7 Positive Things to Love about the Midwest ...

By Renee

There are so many things to love about the Midwest, and many of them are completely surprising. Whether you seek a more rural existence or the vibrancy of a world-class city, it can be found in the Midwest. The following things to love about the Midwest will make you wonder why you’ve waited so long to visit, and perhaps even move there!

1 The Cities

The Cities One of the things to love about the Midwest you may not think of right away when you think of the Midwest is the cities. Chicago has more local theatres than New York City, Minneapolis has been the home to great artistic visionaries such as Prince and Charles Schultz, Cleveland has The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Detroit will never be forgotten! Its accomplishments in the auto industry are beyond compare. When you think of the (northern) phoenix which will certainly rise again, think of Detroit. These cities and many others, including Milwaukee, Omaha, Dubuque, and more, offer diversity of its people, industries, terrain, and art scenes.

2 The Great Lakes and the Mighty Mississippi

The Great Lakes and the Mighty Mississippi There is something about water sources which lend a vibrant energy to any location. With so many of the world’s most enigmatic bodies of water in one area, this can only lend to the feeling of the Midwest as a special place. Wisconsin is touched by two Great Lakes, and the mighty Mississippi starts in Minnesota, meandering through the Old World charm of Dubuque, Iowa, on its way to its namesake and beyond. The boundary waters in northern Minnesota are something not to be missed by the nature lovers, either. Bordering Canada, these are a favorite for canoeists, fishermen, naturalists, and bird watchers alike. Whatever type of water you search for, and for whatever reasons, the Midwest has something to offer!

3 The People!

The People! Imagine a land of hard-working people, friendly, honest, and accepting, and you have taken a sampling of true Midwesterners. But there is more to this multi-dimensional picture. The Midwest is also a land of immigrants, and all of the richness this includes. From some of the best Indian food you can imagine on Devon Street in Chicago, the mouth-watering Kansas City and St. Louis Barbecues, and the Norwegian fare of North Dakota, the cuisine of the region is as varied as its people. Midwesterners are stereotypically unimpressed by overt excess or fame. In fact, many celebrities quietly have homes in the Midwest, particularly the Chicago area. Just outside of Chicago boasts the second largest international airport in the U.S, O’Hare Airport, which is a draw to both industries and travelers alike. It also borders Indiana, a huge aid for the Indie commuters. The Midwest music scene is a state of mind all its own too! Blues, rock and roll, even polka are all proudly represented in this middle of the country melting pot.

4 Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems One of the most enjoyable parts of exploring the Midwest is to find its hidden masterpieces. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, Taliesin, in Spring Green Wisconsin, to South Dakota’s Black Hills, choose a path, and you will find some amazing pieces of Americana to color your trip brilliant!

5 The History

The History The history of the Midwest is eclectic, strong, and surprising. There is a strong Native American history to the Midwest with dozens of tribes represented from the Plains states through the Great Lakes region, which is represented in many names of the cities and counties. The industrial revolution had deep roots in Chicago, bringing the U.S. into the twentieth century.

6 The Independent Farmers

The Independent Farmers Independent farmers are some of the unsung heroes of this country. With the national embracing of farm-to-table restaurants, locally grown ingredients, and supporting your neighbors’ businesses, finding out where your food comes from has taken a different meaning. There is no place in the country which typifies the beauty of freshly grown produce like the Midwest. It’s also a great learning lesson for the kids, so that they understand that food comes from a place before go buy it at the store!

7 The Pace

The Pace Yes, stereotypically Midwesterners are hard-working people, but the pace at which they live the rest of their lives is a different story. Experiencing how Midwesterners balance getting ahead at work and living a laid-back weekend life is a not just a treat, it’s a lesson. Be warned: it’s addictive!

The U.S. is a country of eclectic people and terrain. Each part of this beautiful land has something special to offer. What is your favorite part of the U.S., and why?

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