7 Positive Things to Love about the Midwest ...

There are so many things to love about the Midwest, and many of them are completely surprising. Whether you seek a more rural existence or the vibrancy of a world-class city, it can be found in the Midwest. The following things to love about the Midwest will make you wonder why you’ve waited so long to visit, and perhaps even move there!

1. The Cities

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One of the things to love about the Midwest you may not think of right away when you think of the Midwest is the cities. Chicago has more local theatres than New York City, Minneapolis has been the home to great artistic visionaries such as Prince and Charles Schultz, Cleveland has The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Detroit will never be forgotten! Its accomplishments in the auto industry are beyond compare. When you think of the (northern) phoenix which will certainly rise again, think of Detroit. These cities and many others, including Milwaukee, Omaha, Dubuque, and more, offer diversity of its people, industries, terrain, and art scenes.

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