7 Places to Visit in Newfoundland in the Summer ...

While ice and snowbound in the winter, the places to visit in Newfoundland in the summer are a dream. North Americaโ€™s most easterly edge is a land of stunning natural beauty unspoilt by development and population. The coastlines are gorgeous and the interior wild and breathtaking. No one will feel let down by the places to visit in Newfoundland.

1. Cape Spear Lighthouse

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Located on the eastern-most point of Newfoundland, atop the Avalon Peninsula and around the bend from St. Johns, this historic lighthouse is the oldest in the region and a beacon for all to experience and explore. Of the many great places to visit in Newfoundland, the lighthouse will be one to push your cardio. A long staircase leads to the top of the lighthouse, which is planted at the tippy top of a rugged cliffside. Standing against the wind and rain and all other resilient elements, the old lighthouse proves equally resilient as its newer replacement, and both can be visited alongside the areaโ€™s thrilling network of trails. Start with the Bay Roberts Heritage Trail, an 8-kilometre loop which navigates around picnic spots, a spooky cemetery, sea stacks, and gorgeous gorges, all alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

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