11 Places to Visit in LA the Next Time You're There ...

Check out these interesting places to visit in LA the next time you are in town. I love LA. I've lived here 7 years now and consider it my new home. There is so much to do in this city, it's never boring. LA has such a rich history that I'm still discovering new facts even after all of the time I've spent here. This list includes some of my personal favorite places to visit in LA but as always, I'd love to hear about any additional recommendations.

1. The Griddle Cafe

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The Griddle Cafe is one of my favorite places to visit in LA and I always take the visitors I love to experience it. Set in the heart of Hollywood, The Griddle Cafe has an extensive food menu ranging from monstrous stacks of creative pancakes to tacos and burgers. Don't be alarmed by the line down the block when you visit. The host, Alex, is great at getting you seated in a timely fashion. Once inside, you will be seated amongst one of the best people watching crowds (fellow diners) and served by a waiter who looks like someone you definitely saw on TV. Find out more at the cafe's website, thegriddlecafe.com.

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