7 Places to Visit in Europe While You're Young ...

The world is filled with beautiful places to visit, but these are some places to visit in Europe while you’re young. I have had the pleasure of visiting some of these spots, but some are still on my bucket list. Traveling while you are young is always a great idea so no more excuses! These are the places to visit in Europe while you’re young.

1. Barcelona, Spain

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This is one of the great places to visit in Europe where you will enjoy the festivals and live music. Just take a walk down the old streets and you will feel the history ooze out. Follow in the footsteps of the artistic genius Picasso by visiting the landmarks that shaped his youth. Stroll along the Calle Reina Cristina and then walk over to 3 Carrer de la Mercè to see where his family lived. This is a great place to get your history lesson.

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