Take Your Pick of Places to Visit in Baltimore ...

It’s one of the most important ports in the USA but there are tons of great places to visit in Baltimore that aren’t ship related. It’s a great city – period. It certainly loves up to its nickname of “Charm City” but visitors will love its contrary nature. Its nautical past still gives it a grimy, gritty edge, but it is also packed to the brim with modern delights. Check out these places to visit in Baltimore and then book your flight!

1. Johns Hopkins University and Museums

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The first research university in the U.S., Johns Hopkins University, is also one of the most popular places to visit in Baltimore. The university itself is a popular medical-tourism destination because of its high quality health care, but it also operates the several museums in the area. Homewood House Museum was built in 1801 from a donation from Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and is a fine example of federalist architecture. The Evergreen Museum and Library is housed in a Gilded Age mansion and holds a collection of rare books and manuscripts along with a fine collection of art. The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum houses an impressive collection of Roman and ancient world art.

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