9 Places to See Prehistoric Cave Paintings ...

When it comes to human history, prehistoric cave paintings are truly fascinating. We can only make guesses at how ancient civilizations lived – but with archaeology, those guesses are pretty darned good. Prehistoric cave paintings give great visual clues as well as being wonderfully primitive works of art. Wanna see some?

1. Study Anatomy at Kakadu National Park, Australia

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As prehistoric cave paintings go, the Aboriginal art at Kakadu National Park is among the most amazing in the world. With ca. 5,000 art sites alone, ranging from rocky outposts to steep escarpments, the Northern Territory of Australia can boast some of the oldest, as well as the finest prehistoric cave paintings ever discovered. Australian Aboriginals didn't just paint the outline of the animals they observed and hunted, they painted the creatures' bones and internal organs as well – some 1,500 years or more before Leonardo da Vinci got round to doing just that on parchment. Some of the rock art is 20,000 years old, some is modern day, but most of the paintings date back around 1,500 years.

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