7 Places to See Folk Art around the World ...

One of the things I love about travel and the cultural experiences it offers is that there is a multitude of places to see folk art all around the world. In case you’re wondering what folk art is, it is art that is created by an indigenous people or a region and is representative of their culture. Much remains anonymous but some folk artists go on to achieve great acclaim, such as Grandma Moses (USA) and Albert Namatjira (Australia). I’m picking out some places to see folk art around the world but you should be able to find it in most destinations your travels take you.

1. Guangdong Folk Art Museum, China

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It’s hard to encapsulate Chinese folk art because this massive country has such great regional variety. Recognized as one of the best places to see folk art in China, however, is the Guangdong Folk Art Museum in Guangzhou Province. It is actually a huge art academy and temple. Its 19 structures cover a large area and the buildings themselves are their own magnificent display of folk art and decorating techniques. Visitors can enjoy a dazzling array of pottery, plasterwork, iron engraving and carvings in wood, stone and brick.

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