10 Places of Interest in NY Everyone Should See ...

There are so many places of interest in New York that compiling a list of highlights to visit can be hard. But don't worry, think of me as your virtual tour guide! I've got the 411 on some of the most interesting places in New York City, places you have to see when you go. These places epitomize NYC, allowing you to take in all the most beautiful, wonderful, and intriguing things about this bold, bright, bustling city. Whether you're a native New Yorker, a regular visitor, or someone planning to go there for the first time, you can definitely use this list of what to see in NYC as a guide!

1. Metropolitan Museum

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The Metropolitan Museum is one of the biggest places of interest in New York, not just for art lovers but for everyone. It's such an integral part of the city that you really can't pass up a chance to see it. Visitors could easily spend an entire day – or more – within its hallowed halls and spacious rooms, but if you're pressed for time, you can just choose your favorite exhibits, painters, genres, or movements and get your fill.


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