15 Places πŸ—Ί in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ You Must See πŸ‘πŸ‘ in Your 20s ...

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The time in your twenties should be used to have fun, make mistakes, and live your life to the fullest, and that includes traveling as much as you can. It may sound extremely cliche, but it’s just the facts. There are so many great cities just within the US that are great for a long weekend getaway. Whether you are looking to hike, eat, and/or drink, these are the 15 places you must see in the USA in your 20s.

1. Austin

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Home of the foodies and the partiers, this spot is amazing for a 3 day weekend of debauchery and why it is one the places in the USA you must visit in your 20s. Austin is known for its tacos, bbq, breweries, distilleries, and more. Spend your Friday night down on the Dirty 6th (6th street) where they close down the streets and let you millennials roam. I recommend doing a bar scavenger hunt, checking out The Blind Pig for some rooftop games, grabbing late night pizza at TPerry’s, and dancing your face off at Maggie Maes. There is an endless number of bars to discover. Spend the day down in South Congress. where there's amazing shopping, great instagram photo opps, and good foodie spots. Spend your Saturday night down on Rainey Street. This historical area turned a street full of homes into a street full of bars. When you feel like some late night munchies, pop over to the plethora of food trucks stationed throughout the street. Make sure to hit some iconic restaurant landmarks such as WhataBurger, Stubbs, and Magnolia Cafe. Austin definitely says WhataBurger competes with In N Out. I will let you decide. For some arts and culture, stroll around Zilker Park, indulge yourself in one of the Barton Springs, be a graffiti artist at the Graffiti Park, and check out The Elephant Room, an underground Blues Club. Come to Austin with an empty stomach, and leave with the best hangover you’ve ever experienced!

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