🎨 Places in Paris for Art Lovers Other than the Louvre πŸ–Ό ...

There’s no doubt that the Louvre is one of the greatest art museums in the world. It has a big drawback though, and that is the crowds. It’s not much fun elbowing your way through to see the Mona Lisa, only to find you can’t get that close to it anyway. If you want to see Art in Paris as an experience to tick off, then go to the Louvre. If you want to go to Paris to SEE art, then there are some great venues.

1. Centre George Du Pompidou

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One of the best art galleries in Paris is the Pompidou Centre. Playing unfortunate second fiddle to the Louvre, the Pompidou is a world-class establishment in its own right with collections of Picasso, Matisse and plenty of surrealist works to browse and enjoy. There is also currently a special gallery for children that aims to teach them to appreciate art at a young age.

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