7 Places along the Mississippi River Worth Making a Stop at ...

With it being one of the great natural wonders of the United States, it follows that there are some places along the Mississippi with excellent attractions for tourists. The Mississippi is the 4th longest river in the world and runs from close to the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico (although its official length varies depending on which definition and route is used โ€“ Wikipedia calls it the 4th and the 10th). I found some really interesting places along the Mississippi, from nature reserves to national monuments to great cities. Why not join me for a journey along the USAโ€™s greatest waterway and we can stop off at some great places along the Mississippi River.

1. Effigy Mounds

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Close to where the Mississippi River forms the border between Iowa and Wisconsin, near to Harperโ€™s Ferry, are the Effigy Mounds. This is one of the places along the Mississippi that is a national monument and is sacred to Native Americans. Some 200 mounds are located here, including some shaped like animals. The park is open to the public and although there are no paved roads, there are 14 hiking trails winding through forest, tall grass prairies, wetlands, and of course the mounds. Thereโ€™s a visitor center where you can learn the history and the significance of the mounds in the Native American culture.

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