Perfect πŸ‘Œ Tips on How to Make Economy ✈️ Feel like First Class 🌟 ...

Want to know how to make economy feel like first class? Read on! In an ideal world, we would all travel first class to every destination we visit, on every type of transport we ever use, but there is one rather large problem with that plan - the matter of cost! First class travel on things like planes and trains can be crazy these days, and if you are already planning on travelling on a budget, then it is totally out of the question. However, just because you have to settle for economy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to settle for a horrible experience! Here are some tips for how to make economy feel like first class!

1. Cashmere

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Denim might be nice robust fabric to move around an airport in, but one you get on that plane, you should be looking to wear some nice soft fabrics that will help you feel as comfortable as possible in your limited space. A few cashmere items are perfect for this kind of activity, because you will feel light and unencumbered, and these extra degrees of comfort come sometimes feel like ten more feet of legroom in front of you!

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