8 over-rated Tourist Places ...


8 over-rated Tourist Places ...
8 over-rated Tourist Places ...

The problem we all have when we plan to go abroad either to some fabulous far off destination or one that is closer to home is that we do tend to do a bit of research before we set off on our adventure. This often means we see great photos of the attractions found there. Very often there are reviews about them too. We read them and they all sound terrific, the problem is when we get there our expectations are so high that the attractions often fall a little short on how good we thought they would be. Here is a list of 8 over-rated tourist places.

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The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome Photo Credit: Jakob Steinschaden

If you feel like you are at a fancy dress party when you visit this amazing structure that dates back to centuries ago, you would be totally forgiven for thinking such thoughts. The men dressed up as Roman gladiators who swan around inside make it feel like it really is. The crowds that congregate to view the Colosseum also make it a chore to really enjoy, especially when there are other colosseums around the world which are just if not more impressive.


Stonehenge in England

Stonehenge in England Photo Credit: Christina

It is very expensive to view these ancient stones and again it is always so crowded that visitors rarely get to really be impressed by them. Nobody is allowed to get near the Stones anymore so you have to view them from afar, which is a great way of preserving the area but a shame for those who thought they could get closer to them. Stonehenge is probably England’s most over-rated tourist place but Avebury stone circle is not too far away and much more accessible.


The Louvre in Paris

Famous the world over for being home to the Mona Lisa, people flock here to see the painting only to be disappointed at how small it actually is. The Louvre is enormous, so big in fact that there is just too much to take on board. There are other smaller art museums in Paris which are so much friendlier to visit and wander around.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy Photo Credit: neilalderney123

Back in Italy, this Leaning Tower has been photographed so much by so many people from all over the globe over the years, and continues to be a great attraction. The trouble is that you will be overwhelmed by the crowds not the tower itself. Pisa really has become an over-rated tourist place and there are other towers around Europe that lean more than the one here which are less known of, so there are fewer crowds to contend with.


Walt Disney World in Florida

Great for the kids but a nightmare for the parents, this park is always over-crowded and over-rated. It can be a constant battle just keeping up with your kids. There is interaction for the kids with people dressed up in the costumes of various Disney characters but why not try another more sedate place like Aquatica, where you can interact with live animals and get to see some amazing shows.



Photo Credit: savehgroupgarden.com

In the summer months Prague is overrun with tourists, so you never get a chance to really admire the wonderful architecture or the stunning bridges because there are just too many other people attempting to do the same thing, and that is stand still to take a photo. It is a shame but that is the way it is with these stunning cities. Along the banks of the Danube however, there are quieter places with more than stunning buildings where the atmosphere is less fraught. Try Budapest for example – easily one of the most under-rated places in Europe.


Chichen Itza in Mexico

This is where you will find great examples of Mayan ruins, if you can ever get to see them through the throngs of souvenirs sellers. This is all due to the fact that Sir Elton John once played a concert here. It would seem he is more famous than the ruins themselves, which is quite an incredible thought really. The beauty of the ruins has been overshadowed by commercialism and made one of Mexico’s wonders an over-rated tourist place.


Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

If you think you are in Disney World when you first arrive in Fisherman’s Wharf you will be forgiven for thinking so because that is how it appears today. Once upon a time it was a peaceful folk-oriented place where people would gather but nowadays its success has virtually ruined the peace and quiet it used to be famous for.

This list isn’t saying that you shouldn’t visit these over-rated tourist places, more to say, just don’t have great expectations. These places are obviously spectacular for them to deserve their reputation in the first place but that doesn’t mean there aren’t worthy substitutes that are just as fascinating but far more accessible.

Have you ever been anywhere that really disappointed you?


Top Photo Credit: Chu Mai Anh

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Hi Maythe, I actually thought the painting was disappointing, not the musuem. But, the musuem itself is just way too big to see in a day and there are far better places where you can see fabulous art of the same quality in a much less touristy atmosphere. Smaller galleries and musuems allow you to get more up close and personal with the exhibits rather then making you feel like you have to rush from painting to painting to cram it all in. Just like at the L'Hermitage, the quantity is so bewildering it's hard to appreciate the true quality.

Really? You thought that the Louvre was a disappointment? I mean, if you go to see the Mona Lisa and the Mona Lisa ONLY, then I understand, but there are so many other fabulous pieces there!

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