7 Outstanding Tours You Shouldn't Miss ...

I know some travelers abhor the idea of trailing along after a guide, jostling position with other tourists to hear what is being said and to get the best view, but there are some outstanding tours that just shouldn’t be missed. Tours serve various valuable purposes: they provide the best route to see a number of attractions in the best time; knowledgeable guides impart information; they bring together people with the same aim; and sometimes, it’s the only opportunity to visit certain (restricted) places. A well-organized tour with a guide who really knows their stuff is a great experience. Here are some of the outstanding tours I highly recommend. You’ll find plenty of tour operators offering them.

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

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As one of the outstanding tours of Italy, the journey along the coastal trails of the “five villages” will inspire you with its incredible views of the mountains, the Mediterranean, and the lovely, vibrantly colored fishing villages of Cinque Terre. The terraced slopes of the Riviera di Levante offer footpaths upon which to take in your surroundings, which include trattorias (Italian restaurants/cafes), abbeys and deluxe hotels, all brightly colored, like a picture-perfect painting. I can’t fail to mention the Ligurian cuisine, which you’ll be delighted to eat after a nice walking tour. The cuisine includes Italian pesto made with local basil, as well as crisp white wine from Cinque Terre’s vineyards.

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