7 Outstanding Beaches of the Adriatic to Catch the Rays ...

As there are six countries with coastlines on the Adriatic Sea, there’s a lovely diversity in the Adriatic beaches. The Adriatic is the northern arm of the Mediterranean and lies between the east coast of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. The countries with an Adriatic coastline are Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Slovenia. I’ve picked out some of the best Adriatic beaches, with a selection from each country, just to give you a flavor.

1. Baska, Krk Island, Croatia

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If you’re looking for kid-friendly Adriatic beaches, you can’t go wrong with Baska. Vela Plaza beach is about 2 km long and has crystal clear water where you can see the sea bed. The shallow water means it is perfect for kids and non-swimmers. There are enough cafes and restaurants to keep you refreshed, a nearby amusement park offers you different options, and various water sports equipment can be hired on the beach.

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