7 out of This World Natural Pools 🌊 Every Traveller Must Dive into 🏊🏻 ...

Love swimming but not too fond of the ocean? Away from the gym or municipal swimming pool, you aren’t just restricted to sea swimming. The world has some gorgeous natural pools that just beckon you to come and take a dip. You might know of wonders like the Blue Grotto and the Mexican cenotes but get ready for some even more incredible natural pools that really shouldn’t be a secret …

1. Giola – Greece

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This pool named Giola can be found on the coast of the Greek island of Thasis and is commonly referred to as Aphrodite’s Tear by locals. Greek legend has it that the pool was created by Zeus for his mistress, Aphrodite, and that he formed it in to the shape of an eye so that he could watch over her at all times. Giola is incredibly secluded and requires an adventurous off-road trip to get to, but once you are there it is so, so worth it!

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