7 out of the Ordinary Places to Visit in the United States ...

There are many unique and unexpected places to visit in the United States. Whether your idea of paradise is a seaside Victorian inn or the best calzone your lips have ever met, this taste of some of the best places to visit in the United States should whet your appetite!

1. Galveston Island, Texas

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Imagine thirty miles of rolling white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, more antique shoppes than you can shake a Gorham silver spoon at, and enough fresh seafood to satisfy the most discerning walrus, and you have imagined Galveston. If romance is the word du jour, then the sentence is, "Galveston is one of my favorite places to visit in the United States!" Galveston’s sense of history is only matched by its uniqueness of spirit. Foodies will be especially happy with the eclectic restaurant scene and savvy chefs. Whether as a side trip from Houston, or a week’s respite to recharge, you will feel a world away in this quaint corner of Nirvana.

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