Once-in-a-Lifetime 🌍 Cruises πŸ›³ You Definitely Need to Start Putting Change in the Jar 🏺 for!!

Cruising is no longer for retirees or mature single ladies looking for romance on the high seas. A cruise is a fabulous holiday package. You get to visit a number of destinations in a short time (without having to unpack and repack) and there are far more forms of entertainment on the average cruise liner than at any hotel. You can take a river cruise, a short themed cruise, or sail around the world. And then there are some rather special cruises that offer a once in a lifetime adventure. All aboard!

1. Mekong River – Vietnam and Cambodia

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Consider a trip down the extraordinary Mekong River. For 15 days you will be able to discover two countries and cultures that are packed full of rich history. Along the way you will be able to see Vietnam’s floating markets and experience Ho Chi Minh City, whilst in Cambodia you can witness ancient monuments and some of the most delicious food in the world!

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