7 Olde World Sweet Shops That You're Going to Love ...

I have managed to find some olde world sweet shops that will help transport you back to another era. I've chosen a handful of shops from around the world that you're going to love, simply because they have a certain amount of charm and retro flair, but also because they’ll take you back to your childhood and the sweets you used to consume when you were 8! These shops used to weigh their sweets by the quarter pound, out of large glass jars, and olde world sweet shops used to be on every street corner, back in the day.

1. Fortnum & Mason, London, England

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One of the best olde world sweet shops out there is Fortnum & Mason (known locally as F&M or Fortnum's)! Not only does this four-storey department store on Piccadilly have the most incredible array of chocolates, sugar coated fruit pastilles, marzipans and jars of old-fashioned sweets, but if you happen to visit the store around Easter time, you’ll be in for a treat. They sell a vast array of beautifully hand-decorated Easter eggs at that time. Fortnum's also have a newly opened wine bar, called 1707, downstairs, not to mention they serve up a pretty fine cup of English afternoon tea!

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