7 Old Time Soda Fountains across the United States ...

The 1950s era has always fascinated me, so soda fountains in the US are something I search out when I travel around. It’s so much fun to go back in time for an hour or so and relive bygone eras. My grandparents were teenagers in the 1950s and are always willing to answer my questions about the time period. But there’s nothing like seeing and feeling it for myself. Check out these old time soda fountains in the US and take a step back to the time of cool cars and classic music.

1. Lyons Soda Fountain, Lyons, Colorado

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This is one of the most authentic soda fountains in the US with all its décor. The place has actually been in continuous operation since 1921, but still has its 1950s soda machine. You can choose from classic fountain drinks to satisfy your craving. If you’re hungry, there is a burger and salad menu too. Don’t forget to drop some change in the original jukebox and pick your favorite tune.

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