7 Offbeat Things to do in Rome ...

It is the Eternal City where sightseers flock to the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, St Peter’s Square and the Trevi Fountain et al, but there are also some offbeat things to do in Rome that are just as awesome as the iconic attractions. Rome is full of unusual sights and things to do/places to go if you’ve had your fill of/or don’t enjoy classical buildings, spectacular art and eclectic architecture. Here are just some of the offbeat things to do in Rome.

1. Ghost Tours

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If you want a different way to get a feel of the city, take a ghost tour. Ghost tours are popular in Rome and with such a lengthy history, there’s been plenty of time for ghosts to find a home here. And there’s so many of them that some even only appear on specific dates - like Beatrice Cenci, Rome’s most famous spectral resident. Beatrice is a noblewoman who only appears on the 10th or 11th November every year, carrying her head under her arm, naturally! If you’re feeling lucky, seek out the two revolutionaries(again carrying their own heads) who roam the Muro Torto because if you confront them without fear they will provide you with winning lottery numbers. Whether you poo poo the paranormal or not, ghost tours are one the fun offbeat things to do in Rome.

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