9 of the World's Most Awesome Beach Bars ...

I have always had a thing for beach bars. I don’t mean those swanky hotels on the edge of the beach who add an extra room on or extend their property onto the sands. I mean real bars on the beach: those that spring up because of someone’s passion or one that grows simply because a gathering place has been established. The best bars on the beach are those that open with the sunrise and stay open, well, until the next sunrise. They are where owners regale you with stories while cracking open a cold one, or a local fisherman shares his secrets of the best catch. The best beach bars chill by day and rock all night. Here’s my pick of some of the best beach bars around the world.

1. Theros Wave Bar, Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is one of the most celebrated Greek Islands and certainly deserves the title for the most romantic of them. It is also to one of the best beach bars in the Med. Theros Wave Bar isn’t just a bar – it is a destination. The bar sits among the white rocks of the Eros beach on the southern coast of Santorini. The bar itself is hewn from the same volcanic rocks it sits on and it offers fabulous ocean views. Fabulous by day, it rocks da house with its regular full-moon parties.

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