11 of the Most Incredible Other-Worldly Landscapes on EARTH ...

Some of the most amazing travel photographs you will see will be of other-worldly landscapes. There are some completely breathtakingly awesome but unreal places around the world that have to be seen to be believed. The great thing about most is that they are accessible to us mere mortals too. Check out these babies and see what other-worldly landscapes you might be putting on your next travel itinerary.

1. Antelope Canyon, USA

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Can you believe that picture? It looks like swathes of draped, richly colored fabrics when it is indeed rock. Located on Navajo land in Arizona, the rock formation is known as a slot canyon and is the most visited attraction of its kind in the US, despite access only having been granted since 1997. Permits and guides are still required but places are snapped up by photographers who are fond of other-worldly landscapes. The colors are created by the reflection of light off the sandstone. Awesome!

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