7 Special British Isles to Add to Your Tour Itinerary ...

Did you know that there are over 6,000 British Islands? The British Isles is actually the archipelago that contains the main islands of Britain and Ireland. Even though Ireland is a republic and totally separate from the UK/Britain, politically, it occupies one of the British Isles. The Islands of Britain run entirely around the coast of the two main islands, some a mere outcrop of uninhabited rock in the ocean, others groups where communities have enjoyed island life for millennia. Here are some of the British Islands you might like to consider in your future travel plans.

1. The Isle of Wight

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Located off the coast, this pretty island was once a favorite of Queen Victoria, and she had a holiday home here – Osborne House – where she, Prince Albert and their brood could relax and bathe in peace on their own private beach. One of the larger British Islands, it has lovely seaside towns and beaches and picturesque countryside, including the gorgeous Blackgang Chine (although they’ve added a theme park since I used to run about the hills as a kid). The most famous site is probably The Needles (pictured above) and the biggest attraction, Cowes Week, one of the UK’s premier sailing events.

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