New Hotel Concepts That Are Hitting the Travel Scene ...

Just when you thought you’d seen everything the hotel world could come up with, along come new concepts. Let’s take a look at some recent and upcoming hotels because your next room might be among them.

1. Girl-friendly Rooms

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They used to have "ladies only" carriages on British railway lines back in the day when Queen Victoria ruled. Now Sir Richard Branson wants to breathe a little Victorian decorum into new hotel concepts: he's introducing "female-friendly" rooms at his Virgin Hotels chain. The first opens in Chicago, where ladies will be able to sit on a tiled bench in their shower and wield lady-razors at perfect leg-shaving height. A purpose-built vanity table, hairdryers powerful enough to blow away unfashionable hairdos, and separate his-and-hers wardrobes are also part of this feminine room package. Pay an additional $20/Β£13 and you'll find an Intimacy Kit discretely placed on your pillow. The romantic parcel comprises of lubricator, condoms and vibrator; the latter is presumably included in case the "windy city" can't provide ladies with desirable local talent for the night.

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