10 Natural Wonders of Asia ...

We’re all familiar with the pictures of glorious beaches and tropical islands, but what about the other natural wonders of Asia? This huge continent has some amazing and unique landscapes and most are utterly breathtaking. Every country has worthy contenders so it’s been a rather difficult task to whittle down the list. I hope you enjoy my pick of some of the natural wonders of Asia.

1. The Chocolate Hills, the Philippines

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Named for the fact that they turn brown during the dry season, the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines number anything between 1260 and 1776 (I wonder why they haven’t been able to confirm the number?). The distinctive cone shape makes the hills one of the natural wonders of Asia because they are so unique and no one really knows how they were formed. Made from grass covered limestone, they cover an area of about 20 square miles and range from 98 to 390 feet high.

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