7 Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada ...

Canada has a wealth of stunningly awesome natural sights. Incredibly only 12 of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites – but that’s no matter because the ones that are listed are amazing and pretty huge too. Here’s a selection of them.

1. Go Jurassic at Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Located in the Red Deer River Valley in the heart of Alberta's Badlands, the Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the most amazing UNESCO sites in Canada. Famous for having one of the world's richest dinosaur fossil deposits, already 40 dino species have been excavated here, together with over 500 specimen of fossilized species of other life forms that are now being exhibited in museums across the world. Today the park greets visitors with a barren, almost lunar-like landscape in which bizarre and twisted rock formations and peaks stand out as the most interesting "life forms". However, 75 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed this part of the Alberta Badlands, this was a lush and green subtropical idyll. The fantastically rich variety of fossils and natural wonders of the park can be explored at the Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Center, which boasts a video theater, gift shop and fossil prep lab area and explains the natural history and geology of the park. Join a hugely enjoyable and informative bus tour through the park and be sure to join in the guided activities offered along the way. The park offers five self-guided tours and a real fossil safari.

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